Industrial Packaging

We produce a large variety of brown box packaging. From very small containers to large capacity gaylord style bins, we can meet any corrugated packaging requirement.

Brown Box

Our brown box products include standard dimension stock boxes as well as custom made packaging in a variety of styles including HSC's, trays, telescoping boxes, shippers, gaylord bins with or without skids, and a variety of others. Corrugated is an efficient, recycleable shipping option and will be designed according to your product's protective needs and shipping environment.

Partitions and Interiors

Using CAD technology and the vast experience of our designers, we can create protective and cost-effective ways to ship large or small quantities of product safely and securely using partitions and interior architecture. From simple collapsing cell partitions to complex diecut assemblies, we have a solution for your needs. The use of either paper or plastic corrugated expands the possibilities.

Specialty and Die Cut

If a standard style box won't fit your needs, let our design team create custom diecut packaging for your product. A cutting die lets us create non-standard cuts and scores in the sheet to facilitate folding and assembling the package in inumerable ways. We can produce special closures, creative package shapes, interior compartments, one-step set-up designs, and others.

Returnable Packaging

At Mall City Containers we recognize that most of our customers' packaging programs are multi-faceted. That is why we have developed the capability to manufacture returnable packaging in addition to our expertise in corrugated. We are able to supply everything from molded plastic totes to intricate plastic corrugated partitions with anti-abrasive laminates which protect class A finishes.