We are able to provide complete design services for our customers. Whether you're looking for fresh ideas, cost-savings through improved architecture, or simply want to verify sizes prior to production, we are here to serve.

The Importance of Good Design

The look, feel, and usability of your package all begins with design, and the quality of these areas will play a large role in the success of your product. Here's how Mall City's design capabilities can help:

  • POP!: The look of your package involves more than the print, it's the shape and structure of the box itself. Could your package be smaller? Could the contents be more accessible to the consumer? If your package involves various contents, are they laid out effectively? Is your Point-of-Purchase display creative and accessible? Does the layout of the container work well with the graphics? These are all considerations your salesman and design team will consider as they create a package that stands out and attracts customers.
  • Protection: One of the primary concerns of your packaging is that it must protect your product. We analyze multiple factors to ensure your packaging will get your products where they need to go safely, including board grade, box style, and design. Our designers have years of experience in creating specialty inserts and partitions that keep contents in their proper place. We also build structural integrity into each container to withstand its unique shipping and storage environment.
  • Cost: Excellent package design can play a major role in keeping your costs down. Is the package too large or "overbuilt" for your product? Is there a simpler, more effective design? Can products be combined (or split) to create cost-savings? Our sales and design team will explore options with you to create more cost effective designs.

Sales/Design Team

Mall City's Sales People and Designers work together with our customers to create packaging solutions. Our sales team has over 100 years combined sales experience and is trained to analyze your packaging needs to provide design solutions. Our designers work with an up-to-date CAD system and are extremely skilled in designing packaging options. You will find that our staff produces creative and effective packaging that fits your particular requirements.

Design is truly a cooperative effort and our team will work along side of you to create ideas, produce samples, and work through any revisions required.

Sales/Design Team

Our sales and design team is one of our greatest assets. We have quality people who take pride in producing quality products. We know that you will be delighted with their service and craftsmanship.