Company Profile

Mall City Containers, Inc. is a corrugated sheet plant that produces a variety of packaging solutions to its customers, be it industrial brown box packaging, labeled or printed packaging, Point-of-Purchase displays, or specialty packs and partitions. Please visit our Products page for more details on what we do.

Just as important as what we do is how we do it. Mall City Containers is a company committed to meeting and exceeding your packaging needs and we accomplish this through our customer relationships, technological upgrades, and quality staff.

Customer Relationships

We know that price is an important part of a business relationship and we strive to always be competitive in that area. But we also know that less tangible things like honesty, integrity, genuine concern for our customers' businesses, and service-centered attitudes are what create a truly successful partnership. We routinely go above and beyond to help our customers meet design needs and due dates. We enjoy getting to know our customers and being a supplier they can count on.

Technological Upgrades

Mall City has a diverse line-up of machines and technologies that help us stay on top of the packaging industry. Over the past decade, we have invested in new equipment, including a 66" High Graphics Rotary Diecutter with direct print technology that offers powerful options for giving your product the POP! it needs to stand out among competitors. We have also purchased a specialty gluer machine that opens up a world of possibilities for reducing labor setup costs for our customers. And of course, we keep our administrative and design teams' hardware and software up to date to ensure the best possible customer service.

Quality Staff

The most valuable asset of Mall City Containers is its employees--you would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable and dedicated group of people. Our customer service staff is totally committed to finding workable and beneficial solutions with customers as well as keeping Mall City on top of the industry. Our sales staff has over 100 years combined sales experience. We have an award-winning design team and the people on our floor have decades of experience and care about their work. It is routine for the people at Mall City to go above and beyond to make your packaging work. Read the profiles throughout the site to learn more about the quality people at MCC.

Mall City History

In 1970, Mead Paper Company asked Ben Boersma to serve as sales/plant manager for their corrugated sheet plant on S. Burdick St. in Kalamazoo, MI. Four years later in 1974, when Mead was choosing to get out of the corrugated industry, Ben put together a team of friends and investors to acquire the facility and Mall City Containers, Inc. was born. When the opportunity arose in 1979, Mall City acquired a larger, cleaner facility on N. Pitcher St., purchasing a former Upjohn warehouse from the City of Kalamazoo. The building was quickly modified into a full-functioning corrugated sheet plant and with the extra room, new machines were added such as the Flexo folder-gluer which virtually revolutionized production. At the same time, the first steps into the computer age were taken, and customers were increasingly enthusiastic about Mall City's growth in quality and service. As the 1980's ended, specialty designs, point-of-purchase merchandizing, and a desire to tackle the tough design jobs became more of a focus. A labeling machine was added and the next major computer upgrade was implemented as well. In the late 1990's, Mall City added a specialty gluer manufactured by J & L. This machine has been an important addition to the equipment which allows Mall City to offer its customers unique and cost effective packaging. Then, in late 2002, Mall City made its single biggest investment in a 66 x 130 graphics rotary diecutter. This investment continued to propel Mall City as the leader in its market for direct print graphics. Mall City's investment in excellent equipment continues to solidify its reputation as a company committed to meeting its customers' needs through investment in industry leading technology.

Throughout its history, Mall City has been a company of steady, solid growth and one that has excelled in meeting and exceeding its customers' expectations. We look forward to growing and changing in the future as our commitment to our industry, customers, and friends continues.

Ben Boersma

A graduate of the Universtity of Michigan, Ben Boersma is a successful salesman, entrepreneur and business owner. Seventeen years of selling for the Mead Paper Company launched him into the acquisition of a paper plant that would become Mall City Containers. Ben's business drive and strong character have helped him shape a company of excellence and integrity.

Ben is very active in his local church and sits on the board of several non-profit organizations. He enjoys golf and at the young age of 72, shot his first hole in one! He and his wife Cleo raised two children and now have the joy of grandchildren. They reside in Grand Rapids, MI.